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Sommelo and Pukkisaari

Sommelo (est. 1997) is an ideological association with a purpose of furthering knowledge and research of the Finnish Prehistoric time, especially concerning the later Iron Age (550-1150/1300 Common Era). The association is open for anyone to join and we gladly welcome new people to our activities. For more information, contact us sommelo -at-

Pukkisaari – An Iron Age Trading Place

Right beside the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum in Helsinki, Finland a construction project of a trading place from the latter Iron Age has been ongoing since 1998. There we can leap one thousand years back in time to explore life and cultural landscape. We treat modern people with almost extinct age-old traditions for and practice experimental archaeology.

Originally the project was viewed as an Iron Age village. However, the complex of the village needs a structure covering activities of the whole community, which, to be precise, cannot be credibly replicated. Additionally the archaeology says that there has typically not been village habitation in island conditions so it has been seen reasonable to instead build an Iron Age Trading Place to Pukkisaari Island.

Trading places have usually been situated on islands. Often trading places had no buildings at all, but on the other hand the livelier trading places had buildings used for storage, cooking and temporary housing. A trading place is suitable for Pukkisaari Island also in the regard that crafting has a central role in the society’s activities.

The periods of the latter Finnish Iron Age are:
575-800 C.E. Merovingian Age
800-1050 C.E. Viking Age
1050-1300 Crusaders’ Age.

Activities and open times

The village is open for guided tours on request (Julius Väliaho, sommelo – at –

We have two big annual events: Hiiden Hirven Hiihto, an ancient biathlon competition, held on the Sunday preceding Shrove Tuesday (next time February 23, 2020) and the Iron Age Market, held on the first full weekend of September (next time September 5-6, 2020).